Madrid airport disposes of several public taxi ranks, distributed over all airport terminals.


The price for a taxi ride from the Barajas airport to the centre of Madrid is a flat rate 30€ one way, as taxi Tariff 4 (flat rate from the airport). The luggage is included for any tariffs which apply.

GETTING UC3M Puerta de Toledo Campus

You can tell the taxi driver to take you to Puerta de Toledo and the Campus is just around the corner.

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At the airport, Metro Line 8 has two metro stations:

- The first one is "Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3", situated at the centre of the terminal T2 floor 1.

- The second one is "Aeropuerto T4", situated at terminal T4 floor -1.


Single ticket* for Metro zone A + airport supplement: 4,50-5€.

Ticket permits entry and exit on journeys made between any Metro Zone A and ML1 station (Minimum price of €4.50 up to 5 stations; €0.10 per additional station, up to a maximum of €5 for journeys of more than 9 stations) and Airport T1-T2-T3 and Airport T4 stations until the new per-section fare is implemented.

*The only valid titles for traveling on the metro network will be contactless researchable cards, such as the “Multi-Card”. It is a contactless technology support replacing magnetic tickets. The Multi Card has a price of 2.50 euro. They may be purchased at Metro automatic machines. 

GETTING UC3M Puerta de Toledo Campus

Take metro line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios.

Change trains in Nuevos Ministerios to take the metro line 10 in direction to Alonso Martínez.

Change trains in Alonso Martínez to take the metro line 5 in direction to Puerta de Toledo.

>Madrid Metro Map (PDF format) (Madrid's subway/underground train network)


TRAIN (Cercanias)

The train station is on the terminal T4 floor -1 and is called “Aeropuerto T4”. To move to the other terminals there is a shuttle bus service connecting the terminals.


Single ticket tariff is 2,60 €, valid for one journey in the two hours after it is issued.

GETTING UC3M Puerta de Toledo Campus

Take the train line C-1, direction Príncipe Pío, to Pirámides station.

Then you have two options:

- Take metro line 5 to Puerta de Toledo.

- Walk 800m (11 min).

>Madrid Cercanias Renfe Map (Madrid's train network)

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